Pep Boys Auto

Pep Boys is a nationwide auto center that specializes in car maintenance and repair services. Together with Push 22, Stomp Interactive builds html email campaigns and digital banners that reach millions of customers each month.

Together with Push 22, Stomp Interactive provides the following services

  • Digital Workflow Consultation
  • HTML Email development
  • HTML Email testing
  • Web and digital development
  • HTML 5 Digital Banner Development
  • Animation Concepts
  • Ad Platform integration
  • Ad platform migration
  • Ad platform consultation
  • Compression management

Case Study

HTML Email conversion from image based to live text

When we first started building emails for Pep Boys, the design team over at Push 22 was “baking” all the text into images. This made the emails look very nice, but the images were drastically holding back engagement.

Based on this article by Constant Contact, images and text content has a dramatic influence on the click through rates of your email campaign performance.

We worked with the Push 22 design team, and Pep Boys to redesign the emails to include fewer images and more live text. This provided the following benefits.

  • Higher click through rates
  • More instant loading of content
  • Accessibility compatibility
  • Lower image downloads
  • Higher chance emails won’t go to spam
  • Easier to make email copy edits

Case Study
Live Text has higher click through rates than image based